Our history

Melinda is the Greek company behind Muses Honey and one of the largest formulators-packagers of honey in Europe, continuously on the rise and who has managed to make quality Greek honey known across the world and immediately recognizable as a national product.

μελίσσια  στην φύση
Κηρήθρα μελιού

For the last 20 years, our honey travels everywhere

The foundation of the philosophy of the people of Melinda is their love of beekeeping and honey, the most treasured gift of Greek nature. The continuous search for the top quality varieties of honey across Greece and the uninterrupted contact with local beekeepers have allowed Melinda to gain the experience and expertise needed in order to offer Muses Honey to the Greek public.

Endless hours of work, continuous training and a profound knowledge of Greek nature resulted in collaborations for the top European & American markets, such as the very demanding Canadian market. Since 2000, Melinda steadfastly adheres to the principles which established it as one of the largest honey standardization companies and continues to offer products with a high nutritional value.

Κηρήθρα μελιού
  • No. 1 Greek honey exporting company
  • One of the top 10 European companies in honey sales
  • Purchases over 2,500 tons of honey on an annual basis

Our specialization and expertise make the difference

The organic and biological superiority of Greek honey, combined with our many years of experience and the accredited analyses we perform, allow us to offer a large variety of quality honeys, produced in Greece.

Combining traditional beekeeping techniques with the most modern honey standardization facilities in Greece, makes us able to deliver honey with a high biological value, from the hive to your table.

Τυποποίηση μελιού εγκαταστάσεις
Μέλι Μούσες

We all produce together, like one big family

We believe that the production of high quality honey is irrevocably tied to the existence of a healthy and rich natural environment which ensures the best living conditions for bees.

It is for this reason that we are always by the Greek beekeepers’ side, monitoring the developments in Greek nature and directing beekeepers to the points and places that correspond to the high specifications prescribed for Muses Honey.

The many years of collaboration we maintain with local beekeepers across all regions of Greece rests on our daily contact and exchange of views on the best practices that must be implemented in order to produce the best quality Greek honey.

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