Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Muses Honey official "Supporter of the Greek Olympic Team" in Tokyo!

Το καλύτερο μέλι στηρίζει την Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Ομάδα

Greek honey is one of the most well-known superfoods. It is consumed by athletes worldwide, both for its taste and for its beneficial properties. Along with olives, honey has always been a symbol of the healthy Mediterranean diet and the ancient Greek philosophy expressed through "Healthy Mind In Healthy Body".

Muses Honey honors tradition and becomes an official "Supporter of the Greek Olympic Team" at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Only the best honey for our athletes!

Muses Honey, a Greek honey collected by beekeepers from all over Greece, follows the Greek athletes on their way to fulfilling their dream, it supports and nourishes them.

The Olympic Games are an element of our national history – they hold a prominent place in the Greek soul and collective subconscious since ancient times.

Therefore, we considered it our honor and obligation to strengthen, in the least possible way, the effort of our athletes to achieve their goals, by offering Greek Muses Honey, which is rich in energy and elements necessary for their proper nutrition.

Quality assurance

As a company that respects healthy nutrition, and more specifically honey and its nutritional value, we use procedures that ensure its quality. That is why, for the standardization and packaging of honey, we adopt practices that meet all the necessary criteria so that the final product that reaches consumers retains its nutrients.

Muses Honey - Greek honey rich in flavor

Muses Honey contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are essential for an excellent performance. And, of course, the best honey stands out for its taste as well, due to the ideal combination of different types of honey from all over Greece.

  • Thyme honey gives it an intense color and taste, while its tonic properties are considered essential for athletes, as it is rich in minerals.
  • Pine and fir honey are produced from honeydew and are considered honey types with high nutritional value due to the different substances present in their composition, such as minerals and trace elements.
  • Flower honey and orange honey give it a special aroma.

Greek honey is unique in the whole world: its color, aroma, density, and taste are hard to find anywhere else.

Muses Honey, a superfood made by Greek honey producers, could not but strengthen the efforts of Greek athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.

Our company will help strengthen national pride and support the people who elevate Greek ideals worldwide.

We wish "Good Luck" to all Greek athletes from the bottom of our hearts - Muses Honey supports you!